Meet Our Executive Team

Specializing in the Open Options Process, employing expert facilitation, Game Theory software, and analytical tools, we swiftly drive management alignment and uncover counter-intuitive insights for transformative executive decision-making.

And we’ve been doing it for decades.

Dr. Niall Fraser

Principal Scientist Emeritus

Tim Jeske

Managing Director – EMEA & APAC

Hutton Wierzbicki

Head of Business Development
Managing Director – North America

Chris Lolas

Head of Strategy Analysis
Managing Director – Government and Institutional

Paul Stephens

Head of Business Operations
Director of Strategy Analysis

Susan Hall

Director of Finance and Administration

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

If your organization is facing a complex opportunity or challenge with a high degree of uncertainty and involving multiple external stakeholders, we can help to determine your Best Attainable Outcome and the path to reach it.