Since 1996, Open Options has worked with the world’s largest corporations to find their best path forward, align decision-making teams, and improve outcomes for the organizations that we work with.

Clients Around The Globe

From the Fortune 10 to pre-revenue startups and everywhere in between.


Each year, Open Options works across a broad array of industry sectors and across all continents. Some key sectors:

Pharma & Healthcare

Manufacturing & Industrials

Oil, Gas, & Energy

IT & Telecom

CPG & Retail

Mining & Resources

Banking & Financials

Media & Entertainment

public sector & institutional

sports & entertainment

And More...

Many other industries can also benefit from the Open Options approach. If your organization is facing uncertainty around a complex, multi-stakeholder problem, contact us to discuss.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

If your organization is facing a complex opportunity or challenge with a high degree of uncertainty and involving multiple external stakeholders, we can help to determine your Best Attainable Outcome and the path to reach it.