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Public Sector

Public Sector

Open Options’ unique process and proprietary game theory software have helped guide senior executives in public institutions, not-for-profit organizations and governments since 1996.  Our process has helped them make good strategic choices in situations where multiple parties with parallel and conflicting goals are interacting. The Open Options Process can provide an effective and transparent mechanism to help public institutions with their mandate to ensure that the interests of all important stakeholders are considered.

As a special offer to our public sector clients, Open Options has designed a half-day workshop that is efficient, insightful and ideal for management retreats.

What Does Open Options Do?

  • We challenge executives to stretch their thinking and to look at issues differently by explicitly considering the perspectives and motivations of the critical parties involved in the issue
  • We provide an effective, structured process to capture organizational knowledge
  • We analyze that structured knowledge using proprietary game theory tools to explore the potential competitive strategies and the millions of ways the issue could play out
  • We provide a practical action plan to reach the best attainable outcome for our client
  • We build deep management consensus and trust on the best path forward

Our Process

Our efficient process consists of five steps:

  1. Define the Issue
  2. Harvest Organizational Knowledge
  3. Determine Players, Options and Preferences
  4. Reveal Insights with Game Theory Analysis
  5. Deliver a Trusted Decision and Action Plan

Our Experience

We have worked with municipalities, government agencies and other public institutions in many different jurisdictions. Past projects span the following application areas:

  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Long range planning
  • Dealing with unions
  • Jurisdictional amalgamations
  • Political / commercial interactions
  • Negotiating funding requirements  
  • Privatization
  • Government funding
  • Civil unrest
  • Lawsuits
  • Infrastructure sharing

Related Clients

Case Study Descriptions

Below is an abbreviated list of some of our success stories in the public sector. Please contact us for further detail on these projects and to discuss how Open Options was able to help.

  • Winning a Nomination – “Be the Monarch” Show more

    A potential candidate for an elected position needed to develop sufficient support among a variety of interest groups in order to secure his/her party nomination. Open Options helped the candidate find the right positions to take on critical issues and develop an effective communications plan, which allowed the candidate to secure the nomination and eventually win the election.

  • Achieving Policy Targets – “For the Greater Good” Show more

    A government agency was frustrated by lack of progress on its key public policy targets. The agency recognized that achieving its goals was going to require cooperation from employers, unions, other government institutions, as well as the governing political party. The agency came to Open Options to help it make progress on its public policy target rates, taking into account all affected parties.

  • Revitalizing Downtown – “Downtown Dominos” Show more

    A medium-sized city was trying to revitalize its downtown core. Several initiatives were being considered: convince a local university to locate a new health sciences building downtown, convince another smaller university to locate one of its faculties in an unused but city-owned building downtown, attempt to provide more city-operated parking, build a new library downtown. To achieve those initiatives, the interests and actions of two universities, other regional educational institutions, various levels of government and the community had to be considered.

What Makes Us Unique

As experts and specialists in solving business issues where multiple players can influence the final outcome, Open Options is unique in several ways: